Rogier Arents is a designer and graphic artist based in Rotterdam. Driven by great curiosity Arents creates visualizations, designs, installations and prints for cultural institutions, universities and galleries. Through interdisciplinary collaboration he seeks artistic ways to transfer knowledge and embed newly-developed technologies within society.

Visualization, Concept development, Design, Identity, Print, Installation, Interactive, Film.

Maastricht University, Technical University Eindhoven, University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research, Dutch Invertuals, Contemporary Wild, New Window, PHK18, Nederlandse Hartstichting, Firmhouse, SDtM, Bos Fine Arts.

Internship places available for students of design and creative coding, please send your CV and motivation by e-mail.

Special thanks to:
Yu-tzu Huang, Lucile Queriaud

Rogier Arents (Gouda/NL, 1987) is a designer and graphic artist based in Rotterdam. In his childhood Arents' interest was in sports, games and creative practises. In 2004 he graduated from secondary school with a programme focussed on nature and health. He attended the Technical University of Delft where he found his interest in design, but he felt a need for a more artistic approach and continued his education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In 2012 he graduated from the Man & Well Being Department and started his own design studio.

Arents is fascinated by the transfer of knowledge and the meaning of the image within scientific disciplines. Working across a wide range of media including graphic art, design and interactive installation, Arents aims to bridge the gap between science and the public. He has developed a variety of projects where scientific knowledge is translated into a visual language that is more accessible to the public. For example, the project Secret Signals: a short movie that uses machine-made drawings to illustrate the discovery of a plant defense system by the Botany department at UvA.
Currently Arents is developing innovative methods of visualization by applying graphic and interactive research methods to analogue and digital techniques. He enriches his research by collaborating with nature- and computer scientists. These collaborations result in projects like Heart Calligraphy, in which new biometric technologies are merged with traditional Chinese calligraphy to create abstract portraits depicting subconscious processes of the human body.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, PHK 18, DAD Galerie, SBK Breda, Print Lab Daglicht, NYCxDesign, BKKC, TEI 16 Conference, Dubai Design Week, Dutch Design Week, Graphic Design Week, Cosmodrome, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Beijing Design Week, Designeast 04 Osaka, Garage Rotterdam, Dutch Invertuals, Design Academy Eindhoven.

Rijksstudio Award 2014. (1st price)
Film & Science festival 2012. (Honourable mention)

Supported by:
Eindhoven municipality, Fund Creative Industries NL.

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Water School (2018), Van Abbe Museum, Vrienden van Abbe (2018), Willem de Koning Academie (2017), BNO Rotterdam (2017), BNO Utrecht (2016), Graphic Design Festival Breda (2012)

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