Charlois en de Sterren

Since time immemorial humankind has looked to the night sky. There we find more than just stars. From Zeus to Odin to the belt of the Zodiac: in the stars we read the stories that give direction to our lives.

 The internet is a network of computers that connects billions of people. Who steps out of his or her bubble and gazes from a distance, can find patterns in the chaos. Which symbols, figures and stories are hiding in there? What does it tell us about the way we use the internet?

For this project we stared from Charlois to the digital starry sky. We looked at Youtube, where algorithms guide users through a network of video’s; and at Twitter, where residents and outsiders talk about the ins and outs of the neighborhood. The stories we found are worked out in two star maps and distributed as posters through the neighborhood of Charlois.

Year: 2020-2022
Service: data visualisation / VR-experience / game design / graphic design / artwork
Commission: Charlois Speciaal
Credits: Charlois en de Sterren is a collaboration with Roel Lutkenhaus and made possible by the generous support of Charlois Speciaal, Stichting Droom en Daad, CBK Rotterdam and Cultuur Concreet. Big thanks to Marvelous 3D for their amazing work on the VR-experience.