Commemorative Euro coin

A special coin dedicated to the Dutch Red Cross

This special Red Cross coin, is issued in June 2017. The coin is minted on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Dutch Red Cross. On the 'day of the coin' on June 10 the symbolic 1st hit was conducted by the vice president of the Dutch Red Cross: Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. The design focusses on the global and impartial character of the Red Cross.
Very special is that this commemorative coin- just like the Red Cross - doesn't choose a side. Literally: there is no front- or backside, no heads or tails.

Year: 2017
Material: The coin is minted in several qualities in silver plated copper (29mm), silver (33mm) and gold (22,5mm).
Commission: Ministry of Finance of The Netherlands
Production: Royal Dutch Mint